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Sequel/Spin-Off to Metroid Prime: Altina Sonic the Hedgehog, last seen in Metroid Prime: Altina, has been flung backwards in time, to the very beginnings of his journey, and no-one, not even he, can... Quite recall. Well, he breaks the 4th Wall in the first Issue, so we assume he knows a bit XD It's up to Sonic to recreate the past, and prevent a time paradox of space/time-shattering proportions from wiping everything out of existence. Supported by his friends, two morally-ambiguous Authors, and what little with he possesses, is Sonic fast enough to outrun canon? Let's find out... Previously called: Sonic World Adventure On long-term hiatus; continuation planned; date unknown.

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Issue 876: 1D to 1Y
Issue 876: 1D to 1Y

August 18th, 2015, 8:42 am

Plans for the Future

Dear Readers,

I realize that I have failed. I really do.

In particular, I'd like to extend my apologies to those who've actively been waiting for Sonic World Adventures to resume; fans like @Witswithme make me very happy to look back at this little comic that I started so long ago, but also very sad to have to see it on such a long hiatus.

I have no intention to let Sonic World Adventures roll over and die right here; X and I are only just getting started, (and for that matter, X was only just starting Aventheria :P)
We probably would've moved onto the modern games next, starting from the Adventure series... Buuut life can get in the way, sometimes XD

I wouldn't tick that 'Completed' check-box. Even if I could.
I originally started the idea of this comic from a childish dream to make the 'longest webcomic ever', and while I certainly wasn't uploading mindless fillers every day, (not EVERY day,) I did get to a point where I told myself that the 'longest webcomic' did not mean 'best webcomic', so, if and when X and I pick up Sonic World Adventures again, it may not retain our classic 4-panel setup, and it may no longer be one comic per day, but I can assure you that whatever I come up with, it'll make you smile and laugh better than previous Issues ever did; I won't abandon Sonic World Adventures... But I might have to lay it down for a little bit.

So, just to cover WHY we've been on hiatus as long as we have; I'll leave some of the talking to X, as it involves him, but as for me...

I've never talked about this here, but... I love painting. But more specifically, I have a passion for... Creating things.
I'm better at some things than others, but it's been a lifelong dream, a REAL lifelong dream of mine, to become a 'master painter'.
I obviously haven't reached the level of 'master' just yet, but I HAVE accomplished many of the goals I feel need to be accomplished on the way to my ongoing dream, and, as much as it pains me to say it... Painting takes priority over this webcomic X'D

Please forgive me.

But really, even with that, I sure I could've made it work; balancing the webcomic with painting... But there's something important that I have to do.
Not just me, this applies to X, as well as R, who we may have mentioned once or twice.

It's been very busy time of life for the three of us, but I'm not going to say that it's been so busy I couldn't take the time to write a comment saying, "We aren't going to be working on SWAs for a while."
I think that maybe I was... Having trouble deciding what to say...?
Afraid that I'd hurt a few readers, perhaps XD
I don't deal with these situations very often...
Whatever the case, my own interests weren't the main reason for such a long break in updates here.
At least... They weren't a MAJOR cause X'P

I think X should take the next stretch of this Update, so I'll hand the reins to him, before anything else.

It's been an honor thusfar, and I hope that we can return sooner, rather than later.

See you in a paragraph or so,


Hello everyone!
It's Hyoxjnn here~

Kind of difficult to follow on from that ^^^
But I'll give it a shot, why not? :P

I've known Sora, (and R, for that matter,) since we were both 9-years old.
We became the bestest of besties after R introduced him to me :3
Yeeaaahhhh, R knew him first. How sad for me~

We formed a 'team', as some kids often do; we developed code-names based around the letter systems of a certain video game and certain manga, since those were common interests that we shared then and now :P

I, Hyoxjnn, was X.
Sorakai was S.
Raegen was R, (is that the first time we've used that name here? Okay...)

There was one more, though; we called her 'K'.
She was... Kind of our leader. R was smarter, and the eldest of the 4 of us, but K was somehow... The best choice.
I can say, with honesty, that she's the best person we know; she started out as a bit timid after I met her and brought her into the team, but eventually she was the one we all looked up to.

'Team Dark Nexus'.
We called ourselves that because A. We thought it sounded cool, as kids XD
B. It was kind of a 'the four best friends that anybody could have' pact; we didn't want to ever drift apart.

I won't go into the details of it, but something... Bad happened.

I'm sorry to sidetrack all of you like that, but I wanted to get you in the right frame of mind... Kind of understand where we're at.

There's something that we need to do, now; a problem that needs to be fixed.
This is without a doubt the most important thing our lives right now; we're putting a lot of our personal dreams on hold, Sora with his painting, Raegen with her programming, and me with my writing, (I'm a writer now, btw :D)
I ... Probably shouldn't say what it is... But it's something that needs to be done right now, and it's taken the combined effort of us to continue for this long, (I think I know why I got told to write this part... It sounds reeaaally vague XD
Thanks for makin' me take the awkward part, S~)

We've all spent a lot of time, money, and effort into this, for more than a few years, now... If anyone's read my books or old fanfictions, you'll see that a certain four characters pop up; those're all based on us... It might be my way of dealing with what's going on :P

The hiatuses were initially a cause of end-of-high-school examinations, (especially for Sora, who had to take his in a different continent, (Australia,) rather than taking his exams in America, due to extreme circumstances.)

Since then, though, the longer hiatuses have occurred.
I must take a large part of the blame for this... Compared to Sora's infuriating optimism, and R's calm take on what's happening in our lives, I've taken it less well... I'm sad to consider that I might suffer from depression, or the like, but I don't want to consult a specialist, nor do I want to acknowledge it, at times...

I've been in an out of hospital, (physical injuries,) which is what delayed our attempted return in March; I again apologize for this, as me being out of commission for a time had the others take on my workload, which directly resulted in a lack of time to attend to this webcomic.

It's easier to open oneself up on the internet like this, I think, due to an element of unfamiliarity, but I must say, with all truthfulness: Reading through a few of Sonic World Adventures's Issues, and seeing fans comment, support, and enjoy our efforts... It's truly one of the best feelings that one could experience :)

If there's anyone IN the audience who suffers from bouts of sadness or such, I just want to send out a personal message: It's really never too late for anything.
When I say that, I mean ANYTHING.
From family troubles, bullying, and loss, to hobbies, dreams, and... Even this webcomic.
It may seem like a useless cliche, but I believe that the only time that it may be too late is when you die... So please, try to avoid heading in that direction, if possible.
Think it over. There's a lot of goodness waiting on Earth for you, even through any and all pain you may encounter.

... Didn't think I'd be talking about stuff like this when I started writing XD
... I'll roll with it.

My overall point, when applied to the webcomic's situation is this:

There are no excuses: You're all wonderful for reading our little endeavour, and we have let you down, (mostly me; I apologize,) but I also ask that you be a little lenient on us. Especially Sora, who's gone through a lot more than I've said, though he probably won't push his problems onto me, like a certain... Me XP
I've had a blast on Sonic World Adventures, and I fully intend on seeing it through 'till the end, long as it may take.

Even with all of the mistakes I've made along the way, Sora's rubbed off on me: I won't lose hope.
I hope you won't, either.
I'd rather die with hope, than live with despair.

Suddenly talking very heavy themes,


From the two of us:

We've often seen heartfelt messages similar to this for various things, some of them being webcomics... We often talked to each other about these messages: "That's sweet, but isn't it playing it up too much? Giving such grandiose thanks and farewells for such simple little things."
Now, able to look at the situation from the other side, we can understand what emotions that those people felt: A sense of acknowledgement.
There's a kind of... Bond.
Between Viewers and Authors.
Readers and Writers.
You and Us.

What we say here is straight from the heart, no thought, or at least, no speech-writing going on XD
We're deciding on the words as we go.

Thank you all so much for sticking with us to this point; your patience with us, even if it comes with sighs of disapproval, '-_-' emoticons, and/or moments of frustration, means so much to us, because you, a group of strangers, have taken our little world, Sonic World Adventures, into yours.

It may be a month.
It'll could be a year.
We may never even get to finish Sonic World Adventures... But at least we got some closure.

We won't forget any of this.
Not one moment of happiness, sadness, disappointment, frustration, or hope.
We'll always remember our Adventures here... And we look forward to coming home to them, and seeing you all again.

'till the very end,
-Sorakai & Hyoxjnn

September 19th, 2013, 1:39 am



December 22nd, 2012, 10:53 pm

New Profile

New Banner! About time! What does everyone think of it?
New Description! About time! What does everyone think of it?

September 22nd, 2012, 8:22 am


Updated the "Character Bios" page.
Changes include:
Knuckles being added (Came a bit late)
Hyoxjnn being added (WAY too late!)

The reason we held off on adding him for so long is because of no profile picture (We finally got one, but it's still being edited.)

Keep reading!
Have a nice day! Or night! I don't know what time it is over there...

April 28th, 2012, 1:33 am

42 Fans!!

Have fun.

March 3rd, 2012, 5:31 am

200 Issues

Sonic World Adventure has reached 200 Issues!! That means I've been going 200 days non stop posting!!! (Excepting one or two cases where the computer refused to post.) This is great! I plan to continue up to... OVER 3000!!!

Thanks to everyone who has given feedback, support, editing help, techincal assistance, and anything else to help us along!

Special thanks to X and R of Team Dark Nexus for helping me on this project!!

February 25th, 2012, 12:08 am

30 Fans!

Alright!! We've recently hit 30 fans!

... Maybe I should have done this in a comment...

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